Day 36: Faux Sea Glass Bottle with Starfish Embellishment

Today’s project actually started a couple of days ago when I decided to try a technique for making faux sea glass. I took a jar that I had in my craft room. I am pretty sure it contained paper flowers that I used for scrapbooking projects and turned it into green sea glass, sort of.

Green Sea Glass Bottle

In the image, it doesn’t look like it, but it is green all the way to the bottom. To turn in green, I mixed Mod Podge with green food coloring, poured it into the bottle and moved it around until the entire inside of the bottle was covered. Then, I inverted the bottle allowing the excess Mod Podge to drain and for everything to dry. That process took a couple of days. Hence, the reason this project has been in the works for a couple of days.

I saw this cool starfish when I was at the craft store over the weekend and wanted to include him on the bottle, so this morning, I broke out the hot glue gun and added him.

Starfish Detail

I just loved the texture on him. I also put a few small starfish in the bottom of the bottle to add just a bit more visual interest.

The drying time for this project was a negative, especially since I tend to be a very impatient crafter. I actually was turning the bottle over too much which caused some drips where the color is thicker. (You can see them if you look carefully at the detail photo.) Overall though, the project was relatively easy and very doable. I may play with the technique again when I have time and when it is warmer so the Mod Podge will dry more quickly.


2 Responses

  1. Very pretty.

  2. Thank you, Helen.

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