Day 32: Shell and Coral Statement Necklace

Yesterday, I gave a shout out to Jeannie over at for inspiring me on my own creative journey. Today’s craft is a shout out to the friend who introduced me to Jeannie. Now anyone who knows my friend Laura knows that she always makes a statement, so today I made a statement necklace using seashells and coral.

Seashell and Coral Statement Necklace

Whenever my family or I see anything that is pink and green, we say that it is “so Laura.” This necklace with the green and white seashells and pink coral seems very Laura.

Here are the details. The necklace is about 28 inches long and was a bit more challenging to make since I wanted to make sure that the open area in the green beads stayed open. I used fine headpins inserted from the inside of the green beads and created my own loops. It wasn’t hard, but it was different for me. I added short lengths of chain on both ends (that don’t show in the photo) and added a toggle clasp to complete the piece.

Now, I don’t see me wearing this particular necklace since the colors just aren’t my usual palette. How about you? Would you wear it?


2 Responses

  1. It is very Spring and Summer. I have a couple pink suits that would look great with these colors.

  2. […] have any of the pink coral beads left so I made a pair of earrings that coordinates with yesterday’s necklace but doesn’t quite […]

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