Day 24: Half Hitch Bracelet with Fish Charm

I know. I just did a bracelet the other day, but this one is completely different. I promise.

Half Hitch Bracelet

Before my son started sailing, I knew next to nothing about knots. I could tie a square not, but slip knots tripped me up. Now I have learned about half hitches and all sorts of other knots. For this, I used baker’s twine and tied a series of half hitches to form the bracelet. I simply added the fish charm along the way for fun.

My knots aren’t perfect, and I suspect Skip would be quick to criticize my macrame (as he calls it whenever the Scouts mess up their knots), but it is what it is. I tried something new and I learned a new skill. And, most importantly, I am happy with it. Could it be better? Definitely, but it isn’t a fail.


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