Day 17: Faux Sea Glass Magnets

I had so much fun playing with the alcohol inks last week that I wanted to try using them on another project. This time, I decided to make refrigerator magnets:


I tried several times to get a photo that really does them justice but it was really difficult. In person they look very dark, but that may just be the black magnet showing through. From the side, you can see that the color is very light and just really hints at the blues and greens that I used.

For these, I took some of the clear glass gem accents (leftover from the glass block frame project) and glued magnets to the back. I then used a sponge applicator and applied rubbing alcohol to the exposed glass surfaces. A couple of drops of alcohol ink in denim and bottle were enough to cover the entire gem. I let them dry and then sprayed with an acrylic sealer.

While they do look pretty cool, I don’t know if I would totally consider this project a success since they didn’t turn out like I had expected. Of course, this entire journey is about taking chances and sometimes things just aren’t going to be perfect. I will leave them on my refrigerator and if anyone asks about them, I will proudly take the credit for them.


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  1. The best things sometimes happen as a result of a different path taken. I like them!

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