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Day 31: Tropical Bath Salts
January 31, 2013

I am super excited to have completed the first month of this year long challenge, and tomorrow I get to see the woman who helped inspire me on my journey when she comes back to her old office to share about her experience. She just completed her year, and you can check out her fabulous projects at

That being said, I am also terribly exhausted. I have been fighting insomnia all week, and it is taking its toll on me. The exhaustion played a roll in determining what today’s project was going to be.

Tropical Bath Salts

I actually found the recipe for these bath salts on Pinterest a while ago and knew that I wanted to make them. I am thinking that a warm bath with these might help me get some restful sleep. And, if it doesn’t work, it still gave me a fun project for the day.

To make them, I combined 1 1/2 cups of Epsom salts with 1/2 cup of sea salt. I then mixed in a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil to complete the tropical feel. After mixing it all together, I transferred it to this canister that I decorated with a couple of sea horses cut using my Cricut.

I do realize that the connection to the sea is a bit tenuous on this one, but it does use Sea salt and coconut, so I felt like it was a strong enough connection. What do you think?


Day 30: Stamped Coasters
January 30, 2013

Anyone who has been to my house knows that it is decorated like a beach house already. We have pictures of lighthouses everywhere. In our upstairs hallway, we have a set of 4 pictures and on each one is a line from what I can only assume is a poem. I used those lines as part of my inspiration for today’s project.

Lighthouse coasters with verse

I started out by stamping the lighthouse image onto 4 coasters. Then, I used a Sharpie to write on the coasters. Baked them and that seals the inks so that they don’t smear. I still need to apply the cork backing, but I will probably not get to that until later this evening.

The verse reads:

From far away, a friendly light
Lighthouse beacon in the night
Here with each new sunrise, life begins anew
Linger by the sea, where worldly cares are few.

I could handle lingering by the sea right about now. How about you?

Day 29: Bubble Tray
January 29, 2013

The inspiration for today’s project came to me in the middle of the night the other night. I don’t know how functional it is but I think it looks pretty cool. See for yourself:

Bubble Tray

I started with a basic wooden serving tray that I got at one of the local craft stores. I then painted it blue and hand glued the flat-backed clear and blue glass gems all over the actual tray portion. They reminded me of bubbles so I am calling this my bubble tray.

Now the tray is in tact so it can still work, but the surface isn’t level with all of the gems so, as I said, I can’t say that it is the most functional serving piece.

Day 28: Pirate Book Mark
January 28, 2013

With a winter weather advisory in effect and freezing rain falling, today seems like a good day to curl up with a blanket and a book. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I will be able to stay home all day and finish a book, so I need a way to mark my place. What a coincidence that today’s project just happens to be a book mark.

Pirate Book Mark

I used red, black and white card stock from my stash and included some pirate print paper that I have just been wanting to use. I cut the skull, bandana and eye patch using my Cricut (The Life’s a Beach cartridge). I put it all together and have a perfect way to mark my place. I guess in this case the pirate marks the spot rather than an X doing it.

Day 27: Mermaid Key Chain
January 27, 2013

Today’s project took me back to my childhood. I decided to break out the Shrinky Dinks.

Mermaid Keychain

I was wondering if stamping on Shrinky Dink material would work, and clearly it does. I stamped this fun mermaid stamp onto the material and colored with my basic colored pencils. Baked and got this cute little key chain.

Mermaid Keychain detail

I had been using a key chain featuring some of my son’s artwork, but the connector was coming loose and the key chain kept falling off of my keys. Since it was obviously time for a new key chain, it was the perfect time for this craft. What do you think?

Day 26: Rope and Seashell Lamp Shade
January 26, 2013

Today’s project was one that I have been thinking about for a bit, but as you will see, I didn’t quite think everything through.


So, for today’s project, I used a small lampshade that I purchased at Home Depot and wrapped the entire thing in twine to give it a rustic and nautical feel. I then trimmed the top and bottom edges with seashells to complete the look.

Lampshade Detail

Now, here is where the poor planning comes in. This shade is designed for a lamp that uses a smaller decorative light bulb. Unfortunately, none of the lights in our house are designed to accommodate one of those bulbs, so when it came time to photograph today’s project, I had to improvise. I used a small vase rather than an actual lamp, but I think you get the idea.

Day 25: Nursery Art
January 25, 2013

This year seems to be shaping up to be the year of the baby. Since Christmas, I have had 2 co-workers go out on maternity leave and a third is schedule to start her leave next week. Another co-worker’s wife is also pregnant and due in April. Then, the other night, I learned that another friend’s wife is expecting and also due in April. Obviously, all these pregnancies inspired today’s craft.

Welcome Baby Framed Art

These were actually very simple to make since I have a Cricut. I cut the whale and the seahorse using the Create-a-Critter cartridge and the letters using the Pooh Font Set cartridge. Adhere everything to blue tone on tone paper, put into white frames, add some ribbon, and you have artwork inspired by the sea and suitable for a baby’s nursery.

Day 24: Half Hitch Bracelet with Fish Charm
January 24, 2013

I know. I just did a bracelet the other day, but this one is completely different. I promise.

Half Hitch Bracelet

Before my son started sailing, I knew next to nothing about knots. I could tie a square not, but slip knots tripped me up. Now I have learned about half hitches and all sorts of other knots. For this, I used baker’s twine and tied a series of half hitches to form the bracelet. I simply added the fish charm along the way for fun.

My knots aren’t perfect, and I suspect Skip would be quick to criticize my macrame (as he calls it whenever the Scouts mess up their knots), but it is what it is. I tried something new and I learned a new skill. And, most importantly, I am happy with it. Could it be better? Definitely, but it isn’t a fail.

Day 23: Lighthouse Gift Bag
January 23, 2013

Today, I decided to go with a project that I am very comfortable with. However, I did some little twists that were new.

Lighthouse Gift Bag

For anyone who doesn’t know, I spent much of 2011 making these small custom gift bags. They measure about 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 and are perfect for jewelry and other small gifts. It had been a while since I had done one, so I thought it would be fun to do one this morning. The bag is made by folding a single sheet of 8 1/2×11 card stock. I then embellished with water print paper from my stash and added torn sand paper to make the sandy beach. I stamped the lighthouse on a scrap of white card stock and fussy cut it. I added a bit of gold glitter glue at the base of the lighthouse to blend it in with the sandpapger. Punch some holes and add a piece of ribbon and voila…a beach-themed gift bag.

Day 22: Seashell and Bead Bracelet
January 22, 2013

I know that I just did jewelry the other day, but I was playing around in my craft room yesterday and finally figured out what to do with the small shells that I got back before I even started on my 365 Days, so today is another jewelry project.

Seashell Bracelet

Like I said, I bought these seashells when I was preparing for the 365 Days challenge and never could quite figure out what to do with them. Yesterday it all came together for me when I got the brown beads. I combined the two along with some clear beads and wire and this is what I came up with. I think it is the perfect accessory for dinner and drinks on the beach. What do you think?